Welcome to my very first blog entry! Here, I’ll be writing about the things that happen as I direct collaborative dances, co-created by wild dolphins and trained humans and capture them on film and video. I’m excited for what I imagine will be an experience of a lifetime.

This  is the first bit of video shot for the project. I shot it myself (on a so-so camera, sorry!) in October in Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to see many beautiful Spinner dolphins there, in pods of 30 or more. Several of the Spinners who were particularly playful even engaged me in a few ‘snuggly’ dances! And of course, they also played the ‘leaf game’…

Soon, I will be going to shoot pilot footage for the Dolphin Dance project. Loui Terrier will be joining me and recording all that happens in and out of the water, and to work with me on creating a jammin’ trailer for the first film.

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Happy Holidays…and much dolphin love to all!

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