Upending assumptions about who is 'us' and who is 'animal' ...

Dolphins in the Anthropocene

This final installment of our Ask Chloe series considers perhaps the most pressing question for dolphins and the rest of us: how will we fare in the face of global warming?

A Dolphin’s Diet

What do dolphins eat?

Dolphins in Danger

This post in our Ask Chloe series takes a look at a more depressing reality of dolphin life--captivity and death caused by us humans.

Deep Bonds

This third post in the Ask Chloe series gives us an overview of dolphin sexuality and the social dynamics of pod relationships.


In this second post of our Ask Chloe series, I talk about some interspecies relationships dolphins have with sharks and humans.

Deciphering Dolphin Dialects

In this post, I cover three questions regarding dolphin communication that were submitted to our Ask Chloe blog series.

Ask Chloe

Feel like learning more about dolphins? Send me your questions (using the form below), and I will find answers! I’m Chloe, a twenty-one year old studying dance at Bennington College, a beginning…

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

The new year traditionally begins with the ball dropping in Times Square. This year, we can imagine charismatic dolphin faces appearing across the bright-as-day billboards. How might that change our…

New Designs

Announcing our newly designed website and blog.

Radiohead’s Daydreaming #RHVignette

Our vision of Daydreaming for Radiohead's #rhvignette call for submissions.

So Close 3D: Dance with Wild Dolphins

Our first NYC screening event, "So Close: 3D Dancing with Dolphins" Sunday, December 7th at noon and 2pm at the SVA Theater. Please join us!


Hugs Flower Buds and Yuki

Dolphin Dance in 3D

Dolphins Are Calling

When your friends hear you answering the call of the dolphins (your phone) they will know how important cetaceans and the oceans are to you. This is an example of a 'signature whistle', a whistle…

Jalapeño Dancing With Chisa

Introducing “Jalapeño”

We introduce "Jalapeño" a baby dolphin who is a featured dancer in our upcoming film, "Dolphin Dreams".

One Dolphin Day On Earth

Our video contribution to the One Day on Earth film project...from the dolphins' perspective.

Chisa, Kathleen, Jilly

60 Seconds Dance

A glimpse of our rehearsal process in the form of a 60 Seconds Dance.

Thank You for Sharing the Dolphin Dance

A new clip featuring new dancers; and a year-end wrap up of a stellar 2011.

Up and Coming

Popping the Cork on an Exciting New Year!

We present a new video clip featuring an Atlantic Spotted Dolphin and two human dancers. We also announce our screening on The Big Screen Project in NYC as part of the Dance on Camera Festival.

Thanks to a stellar 2010, the Dolphin Dance Project is well underway!

A review of Dolphin Dance Project's stellar year in 2010...including an award for Best Experimental film for "Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins"

‘Together’ wins Best Experimental Film award at BAFF

"Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins" wins Best Experimental Film at Big Apple Film Festival in NYC.

An Introduction to Dolphin Field Research

On a field research trip in Bimini with Dr. Diana Reiss, I learned a lot about studying wild dolphins.

海の友達 (Friends in the Ocean)

Dolphin Dream has always taken me on the most remarkable trips - and my ‘Japanese week’ was no exception. The dolphins showed up in numbers...playing with us for hours and creating incredible…

Dolphin Caress

Moving Together

Holding each other’s gaze, we twirl. Keeping his eye on mine, my dolphin partner swims in excited circles, leading me around and around and down. Never taking my eyes off his, I undulate, twist and…

Ripples from ‘The Cove’

As someone who loves dolphins, I’m encouraged that ‘The Cove’ won an Oscar and is creating so much chatter about protecting whales and dolphins. But I’m dismayed at all the anti-Japanese sentiment…

On the way home…thank you dolphin and human friends!

Leaping like an excited baby Spinner dolphin...feeling welcomed by hundreds more... photos, video and stories from the first trip of Dolphin Dance Project.