Dolphin Dreams

With gorgeous cinematography by the renowned underwater filmmaker Howard Hall, “Dolphin Dreams” follows two New York City dancers who dive into an unprecedented interspecies collaboration, creating underwater dances with a charismatic pod of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins in the open ocean. Weaving together elements of dance film, natural history documentary and behind-the-scenes storytelling, “Dolphin Dreams” reveals the desire for mutual understanding and trust in the hearts of human and dolphin alike. We are asked to consider the dolphins’ perspective equal to our own.

Produced and Directed

Chisa Hidaka and Benjamin Harley

Underwater Cinematography

Howard Hall

Original Score

David Darling

Theatrical Formats

HD: DCP, Blu-ray

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Original Concept Chisa Hidaka
Produced, Written, Directed Chisa Hidaka and Benjamin Harley
Underwater Cinematography Howard Hall
Original Score David Darling
New York Cinematography Kosuke Furukawa
Surface Cinematogrpahy and Camera Benjamin Harley
Additional Underwater Camera Benjamin Harley
Additional Underwater Camera Jillian Rutledge
Additional Underwater Camera Yeang Chng
Timelapse Photography Benjamin Harley
Title Design Prashant Bhargava
Color Grade Benjamin Harley
Underwater Still Photography Michele Hall
“Dolphin Dreams Suite” Composed by David Darling, Tasker Music (ASCAP)
“Dolphin Dreams Suite” Performed by David Darling
“Dolphin Dreams Suite” Produced by David Darling, Chisa Hidaka, Benjamin Harley
“Dolphin Dreams Suite” Engineered by Tommy Skarupa
“Tom’s Favorite Treats” Composed and Performed by Mika Pohjola
“Tom’s Favorite Treats” Composed and Performed by Yusuke Yamamoto
“Tom’s Favorite Treats” Courtesy Of
Sound Design and Mixing John Moros
Sound Effects Editor Tommy Stang
Wild Dolphin Sound Recording Atmo Kubesa
Voice Coaching Ilse Pfeifer
VoiceOver Recordist, Additional Rerecording Mixer Eric Milano
With Gratitude To All Our Supporters
Thanks To Foundation Support From
New York State Council of the Arts
Thanks To Generous Support From
Mary Ann Hopkins Richa Gautam
Inez Rogatsky Daniel Naujoks
Kol Zarember Ken and Karen Harley
Susan Benesch Kay Grace
Reiko Braun Keiko Hagihara Bang
Sarah Rodeo Steve Ando
Rosie and Christopher Eykyn Peter Greer
Kim Holmes Jean-Yves Amouroux
Special Thanks To
Howard and Michele Hall Mami and Kiyoko Hidaka
Captain Scott Smith Masano and Yoshiki Hidaka
Dolphin Dream Team Helen Green
Hardy Jones Bobbie Harley
Marta Renzi Alicia Harley
Al Evers Giuseppe Manca
Loui Terrier Stephen Lyman
Gisbourg Karen Hartman
Tina Ratterman Daniel Maury
Douglas Quin Wendy Zeicheck
Dance Films Association Christine Tremblay
DFA Film Lab Richard Reiss
Prashant Bhargava
Mottled Supporters
Tracey Ast Nikka Morinaga
Charles Bleehen Billy O’Brien
Carl Blobel Ilse Pfeifer
Una Chaudury Richard Reiss
Leslie Cohen-Rubury Damisi Rosemond
Jay Coleman Lorraine Rutledge
Angela Dechaine Deborah Sale
Susanna Feder Kayoko Sawamura
Steve and Mary Goldring Thomas Sculco
Kay Grace Aki Serita
Ann and Robert Hopkins Audrey Silver
Erlend Kjellstad Paul Slabaugh
Ari Krantz Derry Swan
Yuki Kusachi Vijay Vad
Alex Leali Melissa Warren Vincel
Henry Levin Barbara Woike
Speckled Supporters
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Jackie Curtis Yasmine Oezelli
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Cathleen Hagland James Sadock
Chris Henderson Yukiyo Sakai
Steven Herrig Alice Sarkissian Wolf
Frankie Jefferies Ellen Sirot
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A Kanna Jones Christine Tremblay
Yasmin Khakoo Reiko Uesugi
Man Liang Asia Voight
Bill Macdonald Christian White
Two Tone Supporters
Jun Akiyama Eugene Kovalenko
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Jake Bowers Susan Leininger
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Aubrey Davak Victor Mistretta
Blake Eskin Kayoko Nakajima
Robert Garvey June Omura
Susan Hamaker Christopher Pelham
Karen Hartman Karsten Prager
Eric Heller Linda Shay
Xiaoyu Hu Ravi Singh
Stephen Kaminsky Kris Smith-Lavoie
Josephine Koehn-Haskins Ronja Ver
Katarina Kovacova
Silver Award,  international video and film competition Our World Underwater, Chicago, IL 2017
Official Selection
2017 American Dance Festival, Movies by Movers, NY, NY
San Diego Undersea Film Exposition, San Diego, CA

The Atlantic Spotted dolphins in this film are completely wild and free. They participate in the dance because of their own curiosity or joy, just like the human dancers.

The filmmakers are dedicated to meeting the dolphins on their terms. We never feed or coerce dolphins, or attempt to interact if they are resting, feeding, or show any signs of annoyance or disinterest.

We are immensely grateful to each individual dolphin for sharing his or her time with us, and also to the scientists and explorers who have built a long term relationship with them.