We are pleased to announce our newly designed website and blog.

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Here are some new pages to check out. To see all the video, watch on a desktop or laptop:

=> New homepage with never-before-seen video

=> New page for our soon-to-be-released film “Dolphin Dreams”

=> New page introducing some of the dolphins who appear in our films

… and much more …

Our new website is only one of the things we are celebrating as we look back on 2016:

  • we posted our most-often viewed video, “Daydreaming”.
  • our second short film, “Amongst,” won Best Live Action 3D Film at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXVII conference.
  • our third film, “Dolphin Dreams” is now available as a private stream to the donors who supported its production. With gorgeous cinematography by Howard Hall and an original score by David Darling, the film features charismatic Atlantic spotted dolphins Notcho and Jalapeno among others and the dream of creating harmonious interspecies relationships through dance. We expect a theatrical release in early 2017.

Please consider supporting the continued development of our work. We are more committed than ever to increasing awareness and respect for dolphins, their ocean habitats, and all the creatures with whom we share our planet.

  • Your donation will help support the completion of our trilogy of 3D short films.  “Amongst” is just the first part! There is much more human-dolphin dancing we want to share with you in 3D.
  • Even if you didn’t participate in the Dolphin Dreams campaign, a donation of $35 or more will give you access to the streaming version of the film during the month of January. You will also gain access to a ‘sneak peek’ preview of never-before-seen video featuring charismatic Atlantic spotted dolphins and all our beautiful human dancers.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Dolphin Dance Project through your generous contributions, by watching our films and by spreading the word.