Dolphins in the Anthropocene

This final installment of our Ask Chloe series considers perhaps the most pressing question for dolphins and the rest of us: how will we fare in the face of global warming?

A Dolphin’s Diet

What do dolphins eat?

Dolphins in Danger

This post in our Ask Chloe series takes a look at a more depressing reality of dolphin life--captivity and death caused by us humans.

Deep Bonds

This third post in the Ask Chloe series gives us an overview of dolphin sexuality and the social dynamics of pod relationships.


In this second post of our Ask Chloe series, I talk about some interspecies relationships dolphins have with sharks and humans.

Deciphering Dolphin Dialects

In this post, I cover three questions regarding dolphin communication that were submitted to our Ask Chloe blog series.

Ask Chloe

Feel like learning more about dolphins? Send me your questions (using the form below), and I will find answers! I’m Chloe, a twenty-one year old studying dance at Bennington College, a beginning…