“Glowing with color and light, natural and human beauty, defying gravity, filled with awe and spiced with humor, ‘So Close 3D: Dance with Wild Dolphins’ was a rare and satisfying occasion. Our heart rates were lowered, we felt wonder and humility, we were educated and amazed.”

- Marta Renzi, Dance Films Association

So Close 3D: Dance with Wild Dolphins

Meet wild dolphins as you've never met them before.

This  one hour program of multi-media performance, 2D and 3D films offers an intimate experience of participating in a movement-based conversation with wild dolphins – as close as being there.

Please contact us to bring this all-ages program to a theater near you.

Part I Multi-Media Live Performance

Similarities between human and dolphin non-verbal communication come to life as four dancers move fluidly against video images of wild Pacific Spinner dolphins.

Part II Meet the Dolphin Dancers

The exquisite footage of world renowned cinematographer Howard Hall introduces us to a charismatic pod of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins and to the extraordinary and tender relationships that arise when they meet human dancers in the open ocean. Featuring Dolphin Dreams and other related short films.

Part III 3D Dance Films

A trilogy of 3D dance films (including Amongst) draws the audience ever deeper into the experience of meeting wild dolphins as creative equals.

Part IV Director Q&A

Behind-the-scenes stories and a wide ranging discussion about wild dolphins by Chisa and Ben.

Production Requirements

Projection System: 3D DCP capable with minimum 5.1 Surround Sound Live Dance Performance: Stage in front of screen at least 3 meters by 5 meters (10 X 15 feet); Lighting independent from house lights; Artist fees and travel expenses for dancers

World Premiere

December 7, 2014 at the SVA Theater in New York City Made possible through funding from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and production support from Dance Films Association and Artist as Citizen.