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We invite you to join us in making "Dolphin Dreams" a reality.

Your contributution will ensure that a wide audience can be moved by the experience of co-creating a dance with wild dolphins. Help us inspire people around the world to respect and protect dolphins and their habitats.

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Communicating with dolphins is not just a dream.

Experience the wonder of humans and wild dolphins collaborating as equals to create underwater dances, delightfully up-ending our usual assumptions about who is ‘us’ and who is ‘just an animal’.

Filmed in breathtaking super high-definition by the world-renowned underwater cinematographer, Howard Hall, "Dolphin Dreams" will be a suite of two underwater dances co-created by two human dancers and a charismatic pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins.

With a moving original score by Grammy Award winning composer and cellist David Darling, the dances reveal striking similarities between human and dolphin capabiliies and feelings.

Currently in post-production, the Dolphin Dance Project is raising funds to finish this short film.

The Dolphin Dance Project works only with wild dolphins in the open ocean.

We never feed, train or coerce dolphins in any way. Their participation is based solely on their own curiosity and joy to interact with intelligent members of another species - just like the human dancers.

Recognizing that we are guests in the dolphins' home, we do not attempt to engage them if they are resting or show any lack of interest. The latest scientific research informs our approach and our understanding of dolphin behavior and needs.

Dancing underwater is inherently dangerous. The human dancers are highly trained.

Our recent Indiegogo campaign came very close to raising the funds necessary to achieve the level of production that this film deserves. To reach our goal, we are excited to offer you this opportunity to join us in producing "Dolphin Dreams", a short film that is a unique and unprecedented exploration of wild dolphins collaborating with human dancers to create underwater works of art.  We already have amazing, super high definition footage of these extraordinary human-dolphin dances - moving images that could be projected on giant IMAX screens in museums and science centers across the US and around the world.  

With your support, we will create a short film that offers viewers a profound experience of mutual understanding with another species, an experience that just may transform how audiences see themselves and their relationship to the natural world.

Even if you can't make a financial contribution, you can make a meaningful difference just by sharing this campagin with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, email  ... or just regular old word of mouth.  To be successful, we need your help to reach many people that haven't heard of us before.   

Help Make "Dolphin Dreams" A Reality

This radically original short film portrays two human dancers collaborating and communicating with an exceptionally charismatic pod of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins, inspiring audiences to respect and protect dolphins and their ocean home.  

  • You can see the teaser trailer here: Teaser
  • You can watch another clip from the film here: Up and Coming
  • You can meet a baby dolphin, Jalapeño, and her mom, Notcho, who star in the film here: Introducing Jalapeño

Thanks to the talents and generosity of multi-Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Howard Hall (known for the global success of his popular IMAX films), our amazingly high quality footage, shot in RED 4K, will dazzle viewers in theaters and at home. 

With you support we will combine these breathtaking images with an original score by Grammy Award-winning cellist and composer, David Darling.  The finished film will be offered to IMAX theaters in natural history museums and other educational venues, it will be submitted to film festivals, and it will be released on high definition Blu-ray and DVD.

“Dolphin Dreams” will be the second film of the Dolphin Dance Project, founded in 2009. The first film “Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins,” won several awards including "Best Experimental Film" at the Big Apple Film Festival, screened at over 25 film festivals around the world and serves as the centerpiece of our educational lectures at universities, dive clubs and other venues.

How Your Contributions Count

When you join us in producing this film, you become part of our Dolphin Dance pod.  That's why every level of contribution is rewarded with a thank you on our website or even in the film and honorary status as a Spotted dolphin.  We will also send you a link to download a ringtone for your phone which is the actual greeting of a wild Spinner dolphin (who star in "Together").  You can see a video of the dolphin's greeting here: Wild Spinner Dolphin Greeting - Video for Ringtone.  

In the right column, you can review the rewards that accompany every level of contribution.  Your contributions will be processed by our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, making them tax-deductible in the U.S..

The money we raise in this campaign will be used to finish the festival release of "Dolphin Dreams".  We already have the raw video and a rough offline edit.  Your contribution will allow us to finish all the work required to deliver a spectacularly beautiful short dance film to theaters and homes.

  • Composition and recording the original score
  • Sound design and mastering to include dolphin vocalizations and the underwater experience
  • Online edit with powerful computers of the super high-definition footage
  • Color correction to allow the images to flow seamlessly together
  • Preparation and printing to Blu-ray and DVD
  • Submission to festivals and other viewing venues

Every dollar we collect above and beyond our target will be dedicated to developing our first feature-length film, a documentary that tells the full story of how these interspeciees dances are made.  Planned for the IMAX giant screen, the ambition for this feature documentary is to have an equaly huge impact on a mass audience by providing an opportunity to appreciate and understand the implications of these voluntary exchanges between wild dolphins and humans.  Completing "Dolphin Dreams" is the first step towards making this feature film a reailty. 

For those how are passionately interested and able to contributie $20,000 or more, we can arrange to have you join us for one of our rehearsals with wild dolphins. Please contact us directly.

Help People Around The World See Dolphins In A New Light

“Dolphin Dreams” will offer audiences around the world the visceral experience of  participating in a surprisingly intimate movement conversation with truly wild dolphins in the open ocean.  

Gazing into the eye of a dolphin, we see a ‘person’ looking back at us...a ‘someone’ who is clearly as intelligent and full of feeling as we are. As we enjoy the company of a truly wild animal who approaches us voluntarily out of pure curiosity and engages us in a communicative exchange both thoughtful and tender, we realize that humans are not so different from other animals, after all. When we see that dolphins - and, by extension, other non-humans - are just as much ‘persons’ as we are, we awaken to a renewed sense of responsibility towards all the creatures with whom we share the planet.

Please join us to complete “Dolphin Dreams”... so audiences everywhere can enjoy the dance between two trained humans at play with the affectionate and charming wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins...and be inspired to become a friend of dolphins and all the wild creatures with whom we share the planet.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Dolphin Dreams - Up and Coming Still


The Dolphin Dance Project works only with wild dolphins in the open ocean.  We follow a strict code of etiquette, and we never feed, train, or coerce dolphins in any way.  The dolphins' paricipation is motivated only by curiosity and the joy of interacting with another intelligent species - just like the human dancers. Since dancing underwater is dangerous, the human dancers are highly trained.

Dolphin Dance Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the extent permitted by law.


Dolphin Dreamer

(a glimmer in Mommy's eye) -- We will thank you on the Dolphin Dance Project Facebook Page, and we will send you a link to download the exclusive Wild Spinner Dolphin Greeting that you can use as a Ringtone. (fully tax-deductible)

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    New Born

    (3 months) -- All the benefits of a Dreamer, and we will send you a Digital HD Still from the film. (fully tax-deductible)

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    Two Tone

    (less than 3 years old, no spots, still with mommy) -- All the benefits of a New Born, and we will thank you on the dolphin-dance.org/dolphindreams website, and send you a link to see a streaming version of the completed film (active for two months). (fully tax-deductible)

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    (4-8 years, a few spots) -- All the benefits of a Two Tone, and we will send you a DVD of 'Dolphin Dreams' which will also include a selection of other Dolphin Dance Project films. (amount over $5 is tax-deductible)

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  • $100


    (9-15 years old, hangs out with friends) -- Choose a Blu-ray or DVD of 'Dolphin Dreams' and we will also give you access to an exclusive video profile of 'Lucky Fluke', a mottled (young adult) dolphin who features prominently in the film. Also includes all the benefits of a Two Tone. (amount over $6 is tax-deductible)

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  • $500

    First-Time Mom

    (10-12 years old) -- All the benefits of Mottled, and we will invite you and a guest to a Private Screening and Talk in New York or offer two tickets to a Festival Screening of your choice (travel not included, depending on availability). We will also thank you in the film credits. (amount over $50 is tax-deductible)

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  • $1,000


    (more than 16 years old, fully mature, spots fused together) -- All the benefits of Mottled, and Ben and Chisa will invite you and a guest to a delicious vegan dinner, prepared by them, and a screening of the finished film, giving you a unique opportunity to learn about the Dolphin Dance Project and to see some extraordinary unpublished material as well. We will also thank you in the film credits. (amount over $100 is tax-deductible)

  • 2 out of 6 Claimed
  • $3,000

    Dolphin Buddy

    (pairs of male dolphins are often inseparable friends for life) -- Learn to Dolphin Dance with Chisa and Ben (travel and dolphins not included). We will offer 3 one-hour sessions in a New York pool or the Hawaiian Ocean (limited dates available). We will also thank you in the film credits. (amount over $300 is tax-deductible)

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  • Dolphin Dreams | Wild Dolphins and Humans Dancing Together | The Dolphin Dance Project

  • Genre: Nature and Dance
  • Cast: Chisa Hidaka, Benjamin Harley,
  • Presented by: Dolphin Dance Project
  • Cinematography by: Howard Hall
  • Music by: David Darling
  • Two human dancers enter the underwater world of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins. As their dreams of communicating with eachother come true, their beautiful movement exchanges reveal that humans and dolphins have so much in common. Underwater cinematography by Howard Hall, original score by David Darling. Visit dolphin-dance.org for release information.

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